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The Science Center at Singapore is where science integrates with technology to provide the audience with a holistic experience from its various exhibitions, events and educational programs. Previously known as Singapore Science Center, it is located in Jurong East, Singapore. It specializes in the protection and promotion of technological and scientific learning. Established 44 years ago, the Singapore Science Center's mission is to spread the love and enthusiasm for science to all visitors.

The interactive museum hosts over a thousand exhibits and 14 galleries, all aimed at inspiring a new generation for aspiring scientists. The Singapore Science Center has a Snow City in it where you can play in the snowfall. The center also houses Butterflies Up-Close which gives you an opportunity to gain an insightful journey into the transformation of a butterfly from an egg. Apart from snow and butterflies, the audience can also invest in observing various species of insects closely

Science Centre Singapore is recognised as one of the top science centers in the world
Singapore Science Centre Ticket

Age Policy:

  • Children aged 0-2 years can enjoy this activity for free and child rates are applicable for the age group 3-12 years when accompanied by a paying adult.
  • Adult rates are applicable for everyone aged 13+ years.
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Omni Theatre Ticket
Omni Theatre Ticket

Age Policy:

  • Children aged 0-2 years can enjoy this activity for free and child rates are applicable for the age group 3-12 years when accompanied by a paying adult.
  • Adult rates are applicable for everyone aged 13+ years.

Show timings:

  • 10 am - 4 pm
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KidsSTOP Tickets
KidsSTOP Tickets

Age Policy:

  • Children aged 0-2 years can enjoy this activity for free and child rates are applicable for the age group 3-12 years when accompanied by a paying adult.
  • Adult rates are applicable for everyone aged 13+ years.

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Science Centre + KidsSTOP [Combo Tickets]
Science Centre + KidsSTOP [Combo Tickets]

Age Policy:

  • Children under the age of 3 years can enjoy this activity for free when accompanied by a paying adult.
  • Child rates are applicable for the age group 3-12 and must be accompanied by a paying adult.
  • Adult rates are applicable for everyone who is 13 years or older in age.
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Which Singapore Science Center Tickets to Choose?

Science Center Singapore tickets offers a wide range of options and experiences that visitors can choose from, as per their liking. The center of scientific and technological excellence hosts the Snow City, the only place in Singapore where one can have the closest experience to real snow. Apart from this, it also offers Butterflies Up-Close to give visitors an insightful view into the transformation of a butterfly from an egg. If that was not all, the Science Center Singapore also has an in-house movie theater for those wanting to get in touch with their environmentally conscious side by watching nature-focused films.

Singapore Science Centre

If you want to save time

To dive right into the bountiful experiences that the Science Center Singapore provides, you could purchase and pre-book Science Center Singapore tickets online through the website of the Science Center, using any of the aforementioned payment methods, i.e., VISA Card, MasterCard, ALIPAY, American Express, etc.

If you want to explore

When in Singapore, your experience does not have to be limited in any way. While at the Science Center Singapore, you find yourself in the lap of options, opportunities, and experiences. Explore more than just the Science Center by heading towards the Snow City, Omni Theatre, KidsSTOPTM, curiosity shops, or dine at authentic Singaporean restaurants.

Experience through combo tickets

One can avail of many Science Center Singapore ticket offers through the combo packages available. These combo packages pair two or more experiences the Science Center provides together and gives visitors a holistic and cumulative insight into the world of science.

Singapore Science Centre Tickets Options

Singapore Science Centre
Singapore Science Center Admission Tickets

Science Center Singapore tickets are available to Singaporean and PR citizens at a much lower price than what is available at the standard rates for visitors otherwise. For Singaporean or PR children aged 3-12 years, tickets are available for $4 and the same is applied for senior citizens, while for adults, tickets cost $6. The standard rate for adults and senior citizens is $12, while that for children is $8.

Singapore Science Centre
Science Center + Butterflies Up-Close

Purchase this combo ticket deal for only USD 10 per ticket.For an immersive experience in the realm of science via interactive displays and activities, go to Science Centre Singapore. Visit this wonderful Science Center with your friends and family to study some interesting theories. Take a look at the butterfly refuge to get a close-up view of the lovely birds. At Science Centre Singapore, encourage your children to have a thirst for knowledge and to ignite their enthusiasm for science.

Science Center Singapore ticket deals can be availed for a tour or experience of fewer than 3 hours per person in one sitting.

Science Center Singapore tickets can be pre-booked online, and the methods available for payment are VISA Card, American Express, WeChat Pay, ALIPAY, NETS, Active Wallet, and MasterCard.

Singapore Science Centre
Science Center + Omni Theatre Movie + Butterflies Up-Close

This Science Center Singapore tickets combo is available for purchase at USD 12 per ticket.

For a Skip-the-line access to the Butterflies Up-Close exhibit, the Omni Theatre, and the Science Centre Singapore, coupons will be sent through email to you soon after your purchase. To redeem your coupon, please download it in your mobile device and present it at the location on the scheduled redemption day. Please carry a current photo ID with you at all times. Your voucher is valid for one month after the purchase date. Your coupon is only applicable for the day you have purchased it for. You thus, redeem your coupon once you use it at the meeting place.

Snow city singapore tickets.jpg
Science Center + Snow City + Butterflies Up-Close

More than 1000 interactive and hands-on exhibits may be found in the Science Centre's exhibition halls. At Snow City in Singapore, you can experience actual snow, and at Butterflies Up-Close, you can get up close and personal with butterflies. To see all three enjoyable attractions with a one ticket, purchase the Combo ticket.

Attractions At Singapore Science Center

The Science Center at Singapore attracts not only kids but tourists of all ages from far and wide. With its one-of-a-kind technology to help one peep into the astounding world of science, the Science Center Singapore has grown to be the leader of its kind.

Regarded as one of Singapore's family attractions, the Science Center Singapore combines science, technology and education to thus, provide holistic insights easily and more engagingly and interactively. The Science Center Singapore was established to make science accessible to all and thus, help develop a fresh scientific base for Singapore's next generation of human resources.

snow city singapore1.webp
Snow City

Snow City hosts Singapore’s first indoor snow facility, which is here to stay! It attracts over 250,000 tourists annually from all over the world. Mainly serving as an attraction focused on families, the Snow City strives to leave visitors with the closest experience to real snow.

Attractions inside Snow City: Before commencing your journey in Snow City, you must first enter the AirLock, which is kept at 10°C, to have a chance for acclimatization. The Snow Chamber, the main attraction of Snow City, is well-maintained at a temperature of -5°C, with a perpetual snowfall of 40CM. The main sport is "Snowtubing," where participants ride an inflatable tube as they slide down a snow slope. For children who are not of the prescribed age yet, Snow City offers a Snow-Play Area. On floor 2, there is a diner called Alphine Lodge where guests can drink and dine.

Singapore Science Centre
Omni Theatre

The Omni Theater is Southeast Asia's first 8K 3D digital dome theater, hosted at the Science Center Singapore. It provides the audience with an insightful digital planetarium experience, which allows them to look closely into space. As the Omni Theater hosts a digital dome theater, it is a 360o circular screen. It is advised to occupy the seats at the back to maintain eyesight level.

Attractions inside Omni Theater: The Omni Theater airs films with a scientific background, specifically aeronautics, astronomy, meteorology, and oceanography.

Singapore Science Centre

KidsSTOP serves as Singapore's first-ever science program aimed at toddlers. Mainly, it serves the interests of the age group of 2-3 years old and teaches engaging experiences into its fold that appease this age group the most. Children can be engaged in various interactive activities or in science plays designed and held for the school crowd.

Attractions inside KidsSTOPTM: The TOTally Science Program 2022, hosted by KidsSTOPTM, offers the Bubble Factory, Dino Galore, and Ho-Ho-Holiday, where kids can immerse themselves in the sea of knowledge and learning opportunities provided.

Top Exhibitions At Science Center Singapore

3D Printing
3D: Printing The Future

More individuals than ever may now bring their ideas to life thanks to recent developments in 3D printing. Millions of fascinating items have been produced by this creative explosion, some of which may even transform your life. There are numerous various kinds of 3D printers, ranging from basic domestic versions to complex commercial devices. Modern machines make a wide variety of objects using various methods and materials. The many kinds of 3D printers and the materials that may be produced are displayed in this section.

Kemenuh Butterfly Park
Butterflies Up-Close

Enter the first butterfly cage in Singapore, where relative humidity and temperatures are precisely controlled to promote botanical and butterfly growth. Witness the amazing development of a butterfly from an egg to a lovely winged adult. The butterfly faces challenges at every step of its life cycle since only about 1 in 20 eggs survive to maturity. You will learn more about how a butterfly lives and engages with its environment through each step of its entire lifecycle to adulthood.

Earth Alive

Discover the forces and processes that underpin the changes to Earth in Earth Alive. Geosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere sections are where the displays are arranged. Each one of these spheres examines the effects that Earth changes could have on the ecosystem, including earthquakes, tsunamis, the formation of mountains and rock layers, and volcanic eruptions. The Human Sphere includes human beings to emphasize the important ways that planetary changes affect our lives and how we may influence planetary developments and adapt to them.

ecogarden-teaser (1).jpg

Discover the forces and processes that underpin the changes to Earth in Earth Alive. Geosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere sections are where the displays are arranged. Each one of these spheres examines the effects that Earth changes could have on the ecosystem, including earthquakes, tsunamis, the formation of mountains and rock layers, and volcanic eruptions. The Human Sphere includes human beings to emphasize the important ways that planetary changes affect our lives and how we may influence planetary developments and adapt to them.

Singapore Science Centre

The world is filled with energy. Visitors to the exhibition may learn about the origins, transformation, and uses of energy, from natural cycles to contemporary applications, in six divisions of audiovisual displays. Additionally, there are displays that highlight Singapore's own energy industry, educating visitors about our various energy switches and the efforts to transition to a greener energy mix. The exhibit presents a picture of a clean and energy-efficient future and discusses our obligation as energy users.

fire-teaser (1).jpg

Throughout the development of our civilization, fire has played a significant role, from open fires to oil lights, smoke signals, and flame throwers. All of these topics and more are covered in this show. Various reactions are occurring in various parts of the flame. The flame will turn yellow to red if there is not enough oxygen to thoroughly burn the fuel. A significantly hotter, a blue-white flame is produced after combustion is complete. Try it out for yourself in this completely safe but educational display!

Future Makers

The brand-new permanent exhibition at Science Centre Singapore, Future Makers, honors engineering and its enormous influence on modern society and the global community. Future Makers dispels the myth that engineering is a dry, specialized, and construction-based profession by showcasing the vast range of issues engineers have confronted and addressed, from creating clean energy to creating plant-based burgers. Future Makers encourages visitors to consider and recognize that they, too, can be the engineers of the future by embracing the core of engineering—creativity and a commitment to address the issues that afflict our society today.

Singapore Science Centre
Kinetic Garden

The Science Center Singapore tickets also include access to the Kinetic Garden. The Science Centre welcome starts in the Kinetic Garden, where interactive displays like the Giant Chairs, Magic Swing, the Echo Tube, a Sundial, as well as a Lithophone allow you to learn more about the relationships between various types of energy. The Kinetic Garden is a singular outdoor installation that illustrates some scientific phenomena and ideas that are challenging to produce in an interior environment.

Singapore Science Centre
Lazer Maze Challange

Do you respond quickly to situations and enjoy a challenge? Your agility and reflexes will be put to test by the laser maze challenge! Utilize your inner ninja and put your reflexes to the test as you maneuver through a thick field of laser beams. Enter a room filled with more than 50 laser beams that is absolutely black. The maze must be completed by you without getting in touch with either laser beams. Jumping, jumping, crawling, and moving while keeping your back on the ground.

Professor Crackitt's Light Fantastic Mirror Maze

Greetings from Professor Crackitt's lab, a gigantic maze of mirrors with endless halls and unlimited reflections. Help Professor Crackitt locate Wattnot, his beloved parrot, who's lost in the huge laboratory. Would you be able to maneuver the indistinguishable hallways that appear to loop back on themselves inconveniently? Check out the Professor's many wacky creations while you pause to get your bearings before continuing your quest. Just watch carefully on the way out not to run into oneself!

Singapore Science Centre
The Giant Zoetrope

Our brain is "tricked" into seeing the 3D separate static pictures as a single moving image as the zoetrope starts to spin and the strobe lights flash, making the zoetrope appear to come to life before our very eyes! All ages are welcome to view the enormous zoetrope, a permanent display in Hall A of the Science Center Singapore. However, due to the exhibit's use of strobe lights, visitors are urged to exercise caution.

Singapore Science Centre
Smart Nation PlayScape

With the use of digital technology, Singapore will be transformed into a Smart Nation. Such innovations have a significant impact on how we live, work, and play. Through a variety of entertaining and engaging interactives, the exhibition aims to democratize technology and pique visitors' interest in emerging technologies.Each zone provides an in-depth yet understandable explanation of how the technology originated, how it functions, and its significance to Singapore today through a series of interactive learning exhibitions and multimedia components.

Know Before You Go For Science Center Singapore

Essential Information
How To Reach
Singapore Science Centre

Location: The Science Center Singapore is located in Jurong East, Singapore. Its exact address is 15 Science Center Road, Singapore 609081.

Best time to visit: The greatest time to visit the Singapore Science Center is any time of the year because Singapore has a warm, tropical atmosphere all year round.

1. Dry Season (February to August): The best time to escape the rainy season and crowded museums is between January and April. You have a better likelihood of sunny days and less precipitation during this season, so you may more easily take in the variety of the Science Museum.

2. Wet Season: This period, which lasts from September through February, is charming but not for those who do not enjoy getting soaked in nonstop rain or high humidity.

Opening hours:

Science Center- Tuesdays – Sundays (10 AM – 1 PM, 2 PM – 5 PM)

KidsSTOPTM- Tuesdays – Sundays (10 AM – 1 PM, 2 PM – 5 PM)

Butterflies Up-Close- Tuesdays – Sundays (10 AM – 1 PM, 2 PM – 5 PM)

Omni Theater Showtime- 10 AM, 11 AM, 12 noon, 2 PM, 3 PM, 4 PM

Snow City– Tuesdays – Fridays: (10 AM – 5 PM)- Weekends, school and public holidays: (10 AM – 6 PM)

Visitors Guidelines At Singapore Science Center

The Science Centre Singapore, KidsSTOP, Omni Theatre, and Snow City Singapore are not liable for any harm done to or loss of any members' or visitors' property or possessions.

Any members or visitors may be photographed or recorded for any purpose by the Science Centre Singapore, KidsSTOP, Omni Theatre, or Snow City Singapore without permission or payment in advance.

Science Center Singapore is committed to giving you the best service possible. They guard employees and visitors against verbal, written, or physical abuse. The Science Center Singapore retains the right to discipline and/or expel any individual who behaves in an undesirable manner.

KidsSTOP Guidelines
Snow City Guidelines
Singapore Science Centre
  • Tickets to the KidsSTOPTM at Science Center Singapore can be purchased online, as an E-Ticket.
  • Aforementioned tickets are non-refundable in nature.
  • Every visitor must undergo a health examination before visiting KidsSTOPTM.
  • For hygienic reasons, socks are required at Giant J, Dream Climber, and Small World.
  • Pets, strollers, dangerous items, weapons of any kind, boisterous behavior, food, and beverages are prohibited from entering KidsSTOPTM.
  • Security inspections on all baggage and personal items are possible.
  • Regardless of whether negligence brought on the loss or damage to a guest's property or not, KidsSTOPTM is not accountable or liable for it.

Accessibilities At Science Center Singapore

  • To help you in planning the route more effectively, the following guide will give you a sense of the sensory level at each exhibition, with light and music.
  • Science Center Singapore provides sensory packs to visitors who might require them. For families with children on the autistic spectrum, these backpacks are accessible on Level 1 of the Visitor Services Center.
  • Quiet Sessions are meant if you plan a group excursion to the Science Centre Singapore or KidsSTOP for Special Education schools, the Special Needs Community, and seniors during Quiet Sessions.
  • The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework was used to create the programs. Special Education (SPED) professionals advise on their planning. They offer adaptable teaching tools and methods that enable learning for many audience members, including those who need extra assistance.

FAQs Of Singapore Science Centre TIckets