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Singapore River Wonders is a river themed-animal park where you can experience wildlife at its best while paddling across the majesty of the iconic rivers. River Safari Singapore houses over six thousand animals across two-hundred species and four hundred plant species. Out of the two hundred animal species, forty are threatened, making this place even more special. Embark on a mystical journey by hopping on a magical cruise that will traverse the park's gentle waters. During the cruise ride, you can spot various aquatic animals like the giant Mekong catfish and more. River Wonders also offer a child-friendly wagon wherein up to two children can sit and get pulled along. Wander into Wild Amazonia and sail on the Amazon River Quest, a ten-minute boat ride that takes you up close and personal to amazing wildlife, such as the maned wolf and jaguar. Take a look at the park's inner workings and learn how the animals are cared for with the behind-the-scenes programs. Snap beautiful pictures with pelicans and feed the beavers at the park's new animal presentation along the river's edge. All this is included in your Singapore river wonders tickets, where you get to explore the largest collections of freshwater animals from some of the most popular rivers around the world.

Singapore River Wonders Tickets Explained

You should buy a River Safari Singapore ticket online from us as we offer great deals and discounts. You can plan your visit well in advance, and you won't have to worry about the tickets being sold out when you make the booking from our website. You just need to select the date and time of the activity and make the payment, and you'll get a copy of the ticket on your email id instantly. If you face any difficulty while booking a River Safari ticket, our customer care agent is always available to assist you. With your River Safari ticket you get to witness Asia's largest river-themed aquarium and zoo, Singapore's River Wonders, inspired by the beauty of rivers worldwide. Closely explore and observe the aquatic wildlife species of a submerged Amazon. Get closer to the dangerous marine species, including flesh-eating Piranhas, stingy Stingrays, and the shock-releasing Electric Eels. Enjoy a boat adventure at the Amazon River Quest and spot several camouflaged species in the lush green forest. Stay in awe as you see the vibrant fishes and ancient-looking creatures at the Mandai River Wonders.

River Wonders Admission Ticket
River Wonders Admission Ticket

Age policy:

  • Children aged 0-2 can join this activity free of charge and children between the age of 3-12 years will be charged on a child-price basis.
  • Individuals above the age of 12 years will be charged at adult prices.
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Package Options for River Safari Singapore

River Wonders
Singapore River Safari Admission Tickets

Book the Singapore River Wonders tickets to experience the majesty of magical rivers while making new animal friends. The River Safari Singapore spans over twelve hectares and is home to the freshwater habitat of world rivers like the Mississippi, Amazon, Nile, Mae Klong, and more. Wander into Wild Amazonia and get set for the Amazon River Quest, a ten-minute boat ride that takes you closer to amazing wildlife species from the world's largest tropical rainforest.

Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo with River Safari Tickets

Book the Singapore Zoo and River Safari tickets and get access to two of the most famous attractions in Singapore - the Singapore Zoo and River Wonders! The Zoo and River Safari tickets combo is valid for sixty days from the date of your purchase and gives you the flexibility to visit the two attractions on different days! Get up close and personal with the wildlife species such as pandas, elephants, lions, tigers, and more at Singapore Zoo. See the animals from the elevated platforms, glass observatories, and underwater galleries. Get access to Singapore River Wonders, the only river-themed wildlife park in Asia. Discover zones that resemble the topography of the greatest rivers of the world.

Jurong Bird Park
River Safari tickets with Jurong ticket

River Safari and Jurong Bird Park ticket give you a two-in-one experience to view Asia's one of the biggest aviary, Jurong bird park, and continue on your tryst with nature at the river safari. The River Safari and Jurong Bird Park ticket is valid for 60 days from your purchase date and can be redeemed on different days. Enjoy a hop-on and hop-off tram ride and observe the five thousand birds at Jurong Bird Park. Venture into the River Safari, the first river-themed wildlife park in Asia, and get to see adorable aquatic plants and animals.

Singapore Night Safari
Singapore Zoo with River Safari with Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park

This combo gives you one-day admission to River Wonders, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, and Night Safari. Singapore Zoo and River Safari are the prime attractions of the city that each nature lover should visit. With Singapore Zoo and River Safari tickets, you can access River Safari, a river-themed wildlife park, and closely interact with the animals at Singapore Zoo. Get on board a tram ride and explore the world's first nocturnal wildlife park with Singapore Night Safari. This combo ticket also gives you access to Jurong Bird Park, which features the rarest and prettiest birds.

Singapore in July
Singapore River Wonders with Night Safari

Discover Singapore's best wildlife safari-themed parks; River Safari and Night Safari. This combo gives you access to Asia's first nocturnal park and river-themed wildlife park. With this combo, you get the flexibility to visit the parks on different days at a discounted price! Enjoy amazing boat rides: Amazon River Quest and River Safari as you explore the hidden mysteries of the Amazon. Discover 2,500 magical nocturnal creatures as you undertake the Night Safari exhibits.

What is the Best Way to Buy Singapore River Safari Tickets

River Wonders

The best way to buy the River Safari ticket is by booking it online from any of the trustworthy websites. Since Singapore River Safari is a highly sought-after attraction, the tickets often get sold out, so making a prior booking is recommended. By booking the River Safari ticket online, you ensure that you get to visit the attraction on your scheduled date. You can also get the lowest price by comparing the cost of the tickets on different websites. The best thing is that you can book the tickets from the convenience of your home and you don't have to stand in long lines to get the tickets.

1. Skip the Line Tickets:

If you want to get away from the hassle of standing in long queues at the ticket counters for hours, skip-the-line Singapore River Wonders tickets can be your best option. It gives you direct access to the Singapore River safari. You just need to show the ticket at the entry gate, and you'll get direct entry to the attraction.

2. Convenience

Online River Safari booking is extremely convenient and offers you the flexibility to choose the slot and timing as per your preference. You can book the ticket from the convenience of your sofa, and you won't have to stand in long lines to get an entry to the attraction.

3. Experience more through Combo Tickets With the combo tickets, you can get access to the famous attractions of Singapore at a discounted rate. Singapore River Wonders with Night Safari and River safari tickets with Jurong tickets are some of the most popular combo tickets. You can either visit the two attractions on the same day or explore the two attractions on different days.

Highlights Of Singapore River Wonders Tickets

River Wildlife Singapore.jpg
Get Enthralled by Wildlife Tours

Enjoy a personal guided walk through the giants of the aquatic world at Asia's first river-themed wildlife park! Get to know the interesting facts about the newest addition to the giant panda family. Learn how the animals are cared for and get up close and personal with them with the wildlife tours.

amazon river singapore.jpg
Experience Amazon River Quest

Get ready for an open-top boat ride that will take you closer to thirty species of animals living along the Amazon River edges. The Quest has been designed to simulate a magical journey along the Amazon River and gives you a chance to spot elusive wildlife and well-camouflaged among lush vegetation.

pandas dinein.jpg
Get ready for Unique Dining Experience

Get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dine next to the Giant Pandas at River Wonders. This half-day program includes a guided voyage through Panda Forest, admission to River Wonders, 4-course lunch, and more. Relish the delicious authentic taste of Singapore while you adore these cute pandas through the glass window lying beside you.

River Wonders
Be Ready to Meet Fascinating Creatures

Ever thought about feeding the beavers, cuddling a koala, or interacting with wolves, monkeys, and lions? You have the chance to do all that and more at River Wonders. This river-themed wildlife park is home to more than seventy-five hundred aquatic and land animals representing two hundred and forty species for your exploration.

Zones at River Wonders Singapore

amazon forest singapore.jpg
Amazon Flooded Forest

Amazon Flooded Forest is the world's largest freshwater gallery, where you can see some of the most beautiful aquatic animals. It is a unique underwater ecosystem that has been designed to give you the feel of the submerged Amazon. You can spot red-bellied piranhas, electric eels, manatees, black-finned pacu, red Phoenix Barb, Sturgeon arapaimas, and motoro stingrays! For the first time, you can see here on display the giant river otters that live in close-knit family groups of various species.

congo river.jpg
Congo River

The Congo River is one of the deepest and largest rivers in the world that makes multiple drops and rages through violent rapids to form magnificent waterfalls. Here you can see colorful fish species like the giant freshwater puffer, Congo tetra, large spot catfish, blue cichlid, etc. You can also find here Lake Tanganyika, Africa's second oldest lake, which was formed by the tectonic plate movements.

Ganges River.jpg
Ganges River

The Ganges river originates from the Himalayas and is revered as the holiest river by the people of India. It traverses a length of two thousand five hundred kilometers, supporting a host of freshwater fauna and half a billion people. This exhibit houses thousands of South-Indian species like the frog-faced softshell turtle and the unusual Indian Gharial. You can also spot here the goonch catfish that scavenges on the funeral pyres disposed of in the River Ganges.

Panda Forest.jpg
Giant Panda Forest

Meet friendly giant pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai in a climate-controlled biodome at Giant Panda Forest, which features the largest panda exhibit in Southeast Asia. It spans 1,500m2 and has been designed to mimic the panda's natural habitat with boulders, water features, and lush plantings. The forest’s main attraction is a giant panda and a rare red panda that has thick russet fur and a bear-like body.

Mary River.jpg
Mary River

Mary River is a thriving microcosm and a hotspot of birds, fish, and the rarest wildlife animals. This exhibit takes you on an exciting journey of Mary River and shows how it originates from freshwater to brackish water and empties into the sea. You can spot here some of the most peculiar fish like - the expert archer, mudskipper, and the Australian lungfish.

Mekong River

The Mekong River rises from the Tibetan plateau and is considered the lifeline of countries like China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is fed by melting snow and is a source of clean energy. The Mekong is the tenth-largest river in the world, with an output of more than 2 million tonnes of fish a year. You can spot here some of the rarest aquatic species like the Jullien's Golden Carp, fire eel, freshwater stingray and monster giant catfish.

Nile River.jpg
Nile River

The Nile is the longest river in the world that springs from East Africa's Great Lakes and empties into the Mediterranean Sea. Its water resources are shared by eleven countries, particularly Sudan and Egypt. This exhibit will transport you back to ancient Egypt with its submerged ruins. Here you can witness Indian gharial, komodo dragon, tigerfish, giraffe catfish, and the African arowana.

River Gems

River Gems gives you a glimpse of the unique diversity of animal and plant life that thrive in various rivers and along their banks. Stop by this exciting exhibit to marvel at the vibrant colors of the freshwater fish and other aquatic creatures on display. You can spot aquatic species here, such as African Tiger Fish, Rainbow Shark, African Pike, and Penguin Tetra. See the pearl danio and Pearl gourami shimmering through the water over here.

Yangtze River

The Yangtze is the longest river in Asia that holds around 40 percent of China's freshwater. It has been intertwined deeply with the culture, economy, and history of China for centuries. You can see here the ancient sturgeon, siamang, the Chinese alligator, Greater Mousedeer, and the giant salamander. Meet friendly giant pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai in a climate-controlled biodome over here.

Know Before You Book Singapore River Safari Tickets

Park Rules
Services Offered
Essential Information
Jurong Bird Park
  • Don't venture into the prohibited areas, as it can be risky for you.
  • Treat the animals with respect, and don't try to harm them.
  • While enjoying the ride, stay seated safely and keep hands and feet within the boat.
  • Don't smoke or consume alcohol within the park. The smoking point is situated outside the park.
  • Call the emergency hotline number in case of any accident during the Singapore River Safari tour.
  • River Wonders has the authority to use your image or video during your visit.
  • The commercial use of photos and filmed footage is strictly forbidden.

Tips while Visiting Singapore River Wonders

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1. Stay Sun Safe:Apply a high SPF sunscreen while visiting the park to stay away from sunburn and heat rashes.

2. Stay Hydrated:Carry a water bottle with you to stay hydrated during the tour. Water dispensers are available around the park to get your water bottle refilled.

3. Wear Comfy Shoes:Wear comfortable shoes while visiting Singapore River Wonders as it involves lots of walking. Don't wear heels or slippers while visiting the park!

4. Don't forget to wear Insect Repellent:Put on insect repellent while visiting Singapore River Wonders to avoid getting insect bites.

5. Plan your trip beforehand:To make the most out of your Singapore River Wonders tour, plan your trip beforehand. There are many exhibits and exciting activities on offer at this park, so it's always advisable to set aside six to seven hours to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Things to Do in Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Jurong Bird Park
Gaze at the exotic birds at Jurong Bird Park

Pack your binoculars and get ready to make new feathered friends by visiting Jurong Bird Park. It is Asia's largest bird paradise, with over five hundred birds from one hundred and thirty-five species. The park has almost everything to impress avian lovers, such as fun exhibits, charming residents, and interactive shows. You'll find here the world's largest walk-in flight aviary, where you'll get close to fifteen colorful lory species. Snuggle up with the African hornbills, meet a chicky nanny, and feed the penguins. You can also catch amazing shows here wherein you can see the birds performing under the guidance of their trainers.

Singapore Night Safari
Live the Unforgettable Night after Night Safari

Spot the rare nocturnal creatures who stay away from the spotlight by opting for a Night Safari. Hop on to the tram car that will take you through the different zones of the park. The park has over twenty-five hundred nocturnal animals that hunt, breed and gaze across the massive park. The tour covers around seven zones representing different geographical points, such as the Asian Riverine Forest and Himalayan Foothills.

Singapore zoo
Take a glimpse of lovely animals at Singapore Zoo

Form an intimate bond with the animals by visiting Singapore Zoo, a haven for wondrous wildlife. Here animals roam and live freely in landscaped environments that simulate their natural habitats. You can enjoy engaging animal shows, elephant presentations, and fun feeding sessions. See the antics of the adorable and mischievous California sea lions who balance a ball on their nose effortlessly and glide gracefully on the water. Learn about your favorite animals from their keepers, who'll share fun facts about them during interactive chit-chat sessions. You can also enjoy a one-of-its-kind lip-smacking jungle breakfast with wild animals.

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