About Singapore Night Safari

Night Safari is Singapore's first nocturnal wildlife park, providing guests with the opportunities to interact with over 2000 animals of diverse species, including endangered ones, in their natural habitat. It promotes biodiversity by captive breeding endangered animals such as Malayan tigers, tapirs, and Asian elephants. Singapore Night Safari tickets allow you to observe and feed nocturnal animals, see animal performances, and accumulate fantastic experiences while exploring the park's six zones and four walking trails.

A Night Safari booking entitles you to a buggy and walking Wildlife Tour with an informed guide and catch the Creatures of the Night Show to witness the extraordinary abilities of numerous animals and their trainers. You can observe big exotic cats in action during feeding time by attending a Keeper's Talk or enjoy a chance to feed an Indian rhino on the East Lodge Trail.

With our Night Safari promotion, you may have a one-of-a-kind dining experience that includes a night in the Tipi tent at Night Safari, great cuisine, and amazing wildlife encounters! Finish your tour by stopping by one of the on-site gift shops to pick up a memento of your stay at Night Safari. Have some unique experiences, book your tickets online with us and enjoy perks such as discounts and offers on Night Safari Singapore admission fees.

Singapore Night Safari Tickets Explained

Singapore Night Safari tickets give you access to Singapore's first nocturnal park, allowing you to see over 2000 wild animals roaming freely under a moonlit sky from up and close. You will either go on a walking tour, enjoy a tram ride or a chartered buggy excursion. No matter which option you choose you will certainly have surreal experiences. With a Night Safari booking, you will get to explore its six zones, four trails, and two thrilling shows that will leave you spellbound. You can also upgrade your tickets to include an overnight stay in the park and enjoy a unique dining experience and wildlife encounters.

You can purchase the Night Safari tickets from the ticket counter, however ordering them online is more practical and economical. To make online booking the most advantageous for you, we provide a variety of Night Safari promotions. Get the benefits like the lowest Night Safari Singapore admission fees as well as great customer support and convenience. Children under the age of 3 to12 are charged a child rate. Children under the age of three can enter for free and persons over 60 are eligible for senior citizen rates, although age verification is necessary.

See animals from Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea in the Wallaby Trail
Singapore Night Safari - Admission with Tram Ride


  • Children of the age group 0-2 years can enjoy this activity for free and child rates are applicable for the age group of 3-12.
  • Adult rates are applicable for everyone who is 13 years and older.
Starting from
25% OFF
2-in-1 Park Hopper: Singapore Night Safari + River Wonders
2-in-1 Park Hopper: Singapore Night Safari + River Wonders


  • Children aged 0-2 can join this activity free of charge and children between the age of 3-12 years will be charged on a child price basis.
  • Individuals above the age of 12 years will be considered adults.
Starting from
25% OFF
2-in-1 Park Hopper: Singapore Night Safari + Singapore Zoo
2-in-1 Park Hopper: Singapore Night Safari + Singapore Zoo


  • Children of the age group 0-2 years can enjoy this activity for free and child rates are applicable for the age group of 3-12.
  • Adult rates are applicable for everyone who is 13 years and older.
Starting from
18% OFF

Singapore Night Safari Package Options

Singapore Night Safari
Night Safari Admission Ticket

With Night Safari tickets, explore Singapore's nocturnal wildlife park and observe over 2000 different animals by comfortable tram cars with English audio commentary. With these Singapore Night Safari tickets, you can either explore the zoo with a 35-minute tram ride or on foot over the walking trails that offer you a decent chance to come across a variety of amiable animals and take photos with them. Your evening here is guaranteed to be wild whether you choose to explore on foot or by tram with Night Safari tickets!

Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo Tickets and Night Safari Combo

With this combo Singapore Zoo Night Safari tour, you can discover the zoo's hidden gems at night. You may witness over 2000 animal species in their native habitats while riding a tram and spend an amazing evening amidst lush woodlands with your loved ones through Singapore Zoo & Night Safari tickets. These Singapore Zoo Night Safari admission tickets also give you the opportunities to feed the animals, watch performances by Thumbuakar, a fire eater, or an animal show at the Creatures of the Night Show, and have some unforgettable moments.

River Wonders
Night Safari Tickets with River Wonders

For two incredible experiences in one day, purchase combo tickets for the Singapore Night Safari and River Safari. You may wander alongside freshwater aquariums, pass by displays, and meet one of the prettiest animals, the panda at River Safari, Asia's first and only river-themed wildlife park in Singapore. You have the opportunity to watch and interact with nocturnal animals during the Night Safari after your River Safari. Additionally, you'll get to see some animal exhibitions and feed some animals. To have some memorable moments, book this combo package with us.

Jurong Bird Park
Night Safari Tickets with Jurong Bird Park

This Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari package allows you to visit two of Singapore's most popular sites in a single day. While Jurong Bird Park is Asia's largest bird park, it helps to safeguard and sustain wildlife. Night Safari allows you to get up close and personal with a wide range of nocturnal wildlife. The Jurong Bird Park Night Safari package is an excellent way to observe approximately 3,500 birds and nocturnal critters in a single day. Indulge in some unique bird feeding, animal feeding, animal show, and meeting diverse species of birds and animals with our Jurong Bird Park Night Safari package.

night safari
Singapore Zoo with River Safari with Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park

With Zoo and River Safari tickets, you may spend a day exploring the Singapore Zoo and Singapore River Safari, while the Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari package allows you to spend a day exploring both this incredible bird park and the night safari. The greatest option to observe a variety of animals and birds in a day is at the Singapore Zoo and River Safari, which can be reached via tram and river cruise. Choose attractions from the Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Jurong Bird Park, and Night Safari to book your Zoo and River Safari or other combos and have some incredible experiences.

Singapore zoo.jpg
Singapore Zoo with River Wonders and Night Safari

If you want to have one of the most spectacular Singapore zoo experiences, consider this package, which includes a river safari as well as a night safari. Book your Zoo and River Safari tickets today for up-close encounters with wild creatures of various sorts on foot, tram, or cruise. You will view both land and marine species with our Singapore Zoo and River Safari package. Choose Zoo River Safari and Night Safari to have two incredible experiences of watching aquatic and nocturnal animals with a single ticket.

Which Singapore Night Safari Tickets to Choose

Singapore in July

Book your Singapore Night Safari tickets from us to receive excellent discounts and deals. As a trusted one-stop portal for scheduling Night Safari bookings, we deliver the best experience imaginable. When you book your tickets online beforehand, you also receive benefits like the best offers on Night Safari Singapore admission fees. Additionally, ordering your tickets in advance online helps you avoid the lines and ensure that you obtain the time slot that works best for you.

We also offer live chat, email, and phone support around the clock. We also offer the best pricing and a selection of Night Safari ticket promotions to make your vacation as reasonable and profitable as feasible. Book your tickets with us for a delightful and trouble-free experience.

1.) Access Skip the Line to SaveTime Singapore Night Safari draws a large number of people each day for being one the country's most well-known attractions. To reserve your favorite time slot and enjoy entry without having to stand in line at the entrance, you must purchase your tickets online in advance. Online booking your Singapore Night Safari tickets with us helps you save both time and hassles.

2.) Make your Experience More ExcitingBy including extra treats like a private buggy ride and hotel transfers, you can make your Singapore Night Safari experience even more enjoyable. While night safari with a tram ride is included in the basic Night Safari booking, you can have a private experience by upgrading your ticket to a chartered buggy ride. To make traveling hassle-free, you can also add hotel transfer service to your tickets when booking online.

3.) Explore More with Combo TicketsTo make the most of your time and money, look for our special Night Safari promotion that allows you to explore two attractions with only one ticket in a single day. You may add other Singapore attractions like River Safari and the Singapore Zoo to your standard Singapore Night Safari tickets to make your trip more exciting while also saving money on entrance fees and your time.

Things to Experience at Singapore Night Safari Tickets

Creatures of the Night Show
Witness Creatures of the Night Show

The Creatures of the Night Show is an interactive presentation that will astound you to the core! It is a display of the abilities of otters, civets, binturongs, and many other animals leaving everyone awestruck. As the African serval exhibits its amazing capacity to leap for prey, you will also learn about the spotted hyena's formidable jaws, giving you everlasting memories.

Explore Exotic Wildlife Tour

With a Night Safari booking, you can explore the world's first nocturnal animal park with a private guide and buggy. Your multi-sensory adventure begins with some refreshing welcome mocktails. During the tour, you will get up close and personal with a variety of nocturnal species. You can also attend feeding sessions for Asian elephants and Indian rhinoceros if you book a VIP package. You will also receive reserved seating for the legendary Creatures of the Night Show.

Night Safari
Keeper’s Talk

By speaking with the keepers, who are the most knowledgeable about the zoo's resident animals, you can learn more about them. During an interactive Keepers Talk, learn about uncommon animal traits from them. The two shows that are offered in the Keeper's Talk are the Lion Talk and the Wallaby Talk, where you will get the answers to your queries about the big cat and this nocturnal creature.

Zones at Singapore Night Safari

East Lodge Trail.jpg
East Lodge Trail

This fascinating journey will take you to the meeting point of Africa and Asia, where creatures from the savannah and the tropics coexist. The trail's main draw is a glass-enclosed glimpse of a Malayan Tiger, regarded as one of the world's largest beast cats. Another attraction of this zone is the feeding sessions, that can leave you enthralled.

Exotic animals found along this trail include the Wild Scoop, Wallaby Trail, Southern three-banded Armadillo, Bongo, Malayan Tiger, Sloth Bear, Spotted Hyena, Babirusa, and Aardvark.

Fishing Cat Trail

The Fishing Cat Trail allows you to embark on a strenuous trekking journey through Singapore Night Safari. You can witness a lot of skilled predators moving around freely, just like they would in their natural settings. Pangolins and fishing cats are expert hunters along this track.

This trail features wonderful wildlife like fishing cats, gigantic anteaters, lorises, armadillos, otters, mouse deer, pangolins, barking deer, Indian gharials, flying foxes, palm civets, pelicans, ducks, herons, and cormorants.

Leopard Trail.jpg
Leopard Trail

Leopard Trail is home to a huge collection of Southeast Asian natural wildlife creatures. Along this trail, you may observe how a lot of little and medium-sized Asian cats like lions, leopards, civets, and porcupines go about their night lives. Additionally, this route leads you through two breathtaking walk-through displays where you can get up close and personal with flying squirrels and flying foxes.

Leopard Trail is famous for power-packed animals like Giraffes, Malayan Zebras, Gir Lion, Panthers, Leopards, Golden Cats, Clouded Leopards, Oryxes, Small-toothed Civet, and Slow Loris.

Night Safari
Wallaby Trail

Your journey through this trial will take you to the natural kingdoms of New Zealand, Australia, and New Guinea. Wallabies are nocturnal animals that rest throughout the day and are most active at dawn and dusk. On a night safari, you can observe them in action here in their natural habitat. The animal kingdom and environmental diversity are both quite diverse in this region.

This zone features majestic animals like wallabies, barn owls, sugar gliders, and brushtail possums.

Know Before You Book Singapore Night Safari Tickets

Park Rules
Services Offered
Essential Info
  • Respect animals by not teasing or feeding them.
  • Keep to the designated park areas, and do not enter forbidden areas.
  • While on the tram, be seated and keep your hands, feet, and head inside.
  • Do not smoke because the zoo is a no-smoking zone.
  • Without permission, commercial photography or video filming is not permitted.
  • While photographing, turn off your camera's flash.

Tips to follow while Booking Singapore Night Safari Tickets

Singapore Night Safari

1.) Be Ready for RainShowers or downpours are very likely in this region of Singapore. If it starts to rain, take the tram or seek refuge in a stall or gift shop near the entrance. If you see lightning, go inside immediately for your safety.

2.) Stay HydratedCarry plenty of drinking water with you and stay hydrated throughout the tour. There are several water dispensers positioned throughout the park to let you refill your bottle.

3.) Attire CheckWear comfortable shoes because exploring the park requires a lot of walking. It is also recommended to wear comfortable clothes suiting the weather and the park.

4.) Don’t forget to wear Insect RepellentApply insect repellent to avoid insect bites. Please wear clothing that covers you completely and is light in color to protect yourself from mosquitoes as they get attracted to dark colors.

5.) Feeling HungrySeveral dining options are available at the park, including Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant at the park's entrance and Zebra Cafe at East Lodge. However, it is recommended to have your dinner before entering the park.

6.) Need HelpIn case of an emergency or a question, approach any of the park's courteous uniformed staff members for assistance.

7.) Plan AheadWith so many beautiful creatures, shows, and night trails to uncover, it's best to arrive early to make the most of your trip. Book your Singapore Night Safari tickets in advance to reserve your slot beforehand, grab good deals on ticket prices, and avoid last-minute nuisances.

FAQs of Singapore Night Safari Tickets