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Pororo Park Singapore Overview

If you’re traveling with your children, Pororo Park awaits with a truckload of fun! It is the first character-based indoor playground in the country, featuring quirky activities suitable for children between the ages of 1 and 6. The themed park reimagines the world of Pororo the Little Penguin, an unforgettable children’s favorite character from television. Tailored to stimulate a holistic social and emotional growth in children, the attractions at the Park seek to entertain while also stimulating their senses.

At Pororo & Friends' Gallop Station, you may take your kids on a carousel ride, slip and slide at Toby's Jungle Gym, or watch them navigate grocery shopping at Pororo's very own supermarket! The Toddler’s area at the park is especially tailored for its youngest guests, with a range of playthings and mini slides. Pororo Park also has a life sized replica of Pororo’s house, where children can explore all of its rooms and also play on a musical wall. The Park’s very own mini theater, the Tong Tong’s Little Theater, arranges musical sing alongs and meet and greet sessions throughout the week, offering a fun little break from traditional play. Before departing Pororo and his buddies, stop by Loopy's Cafe for some scrumptious beverages and snacks, or visit Rody's Toy Store to pick up a keepsake.


Pororo Park Singapore Ticket Variant

Pororo Park Singapore
Pororo Park Admission Ticket:

The Pororo Park Admission ticket guarantees one a good discount on the Pororo Park ticket price. The ticket grants one admission into the Park and free access to all attractions for a duration of three hours. There are two variations for these Pororo Park tickets: Weekdays and Weekends. However, booking the admission ticket is not enough; ticket holders are also required to book their visit slot online to ensure smooth entry into the attraction. The tickets are for single use only, and cannot be amended or rescheduled.

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Tayo Station
Kids Holiday Pass: Pororo Park, Tayo Station & Kiztopia for 1 Adult + 1 Child

An excellent combination package if you’re traveling with children, these Pororo Park tickets combine a visit to the theme park with visits to the Tayo Station and Kiztopia. Like Pororo Park, Tayo Station is a character themed amusement park with a focus on children’s holistic development. Kiztopia, Singapore’s largest indoor children’s playground, is another special favorite among the young ones. The three in one combination not only secures one a great deal on the Pororo Park price, but also promises a discounted entry to the other attractions.

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Which Pororo Park Singapore Tickets to Choose?

Singapore Pororo Park

While it is entirely possible to book one’s Pororo Park tickets at the venue, online booking comes with its own set of unsurpassable advantages. Firstly, booking the Pororo Park Singapore tickets in advance allows one to plan their itinerary well in advance, blocking out a particular day for the visit. Also, booking online secures one a good discount on the Pororo Park admission fee, and comes with good cashback offers. Besides, those booking online also get the exclusive opportunity to add multiple experiences to a single Pororo Park Singapore ticket, making it a great way to explore multiple attractions in the city and also optimize their trip budget on the whole.

1.) To Save Time: Purchasing one’s Pororo Park tickets online offers an excellent way to save time on the visit. A popular children’s attraction in the city, the Park tends to gather crowds, often forming long queues for tickets. An online purchase would secure one seamless entry without the hassle of waiting in line.

2.) Explore the Best of Singapore: Singapore’s popularity as a tourist destination comes with good reason: it is, in fact, home to some of the world’s best attractions. Those that want to extend their visit for the day may opt to book combination tickets that add multiple attractions to their Pororo Park Singapore tickets.

3.) For the Best Deals: The combo tickets, which add other attractions in the city to one’s Pororo Park tickets, can be an excellent way to secure a good deal on one’s overall visit. The combo packages offer great discounts on one’s Pororo Park Singapore price, as well as on the admission fee for the other attractions.

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Highlights of Pororo Park Singapore

Pororo Park
  • Spend a day of fun with your children at the country’s very first character themed playground.
  • Let your young ones explore from a range of rides and attractions which seek to both educate and entertain.
  • Watch as your wards navigate real life scenarios as they shop in the Petty Supermarket and prepare imaginary meals for their parents.
  • Unwind at the Pororo Park cafe as your young ones make their way through the rides at the Park.
  • Watch a character themed performance at Tong Tong’s Little Theater, which imagines the Pororo characters come to life.
  • Pay a quick visit to the Pororo Park souvenir shop to explore its wide range of souvenirs and mementos.
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Fun Activities to Enjoy in Pororo Park Tickets Singapore

Gallop Station Pororo Park
Gallop Station

Carousels are a big hit with visitors across all ages, but a special favorite among children. Gallop Station, Pororo Park’s very own mini carousel, is sure to tickle every child’s senses. The dainty carousel comprises horses and carriages which ‘gallop’ to merry tunes.

Capacity: Maximum of 16 pax at a time

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Hinoki Pit Pororo Park
Hinoki Pit

One of the top attractions to visit on one’s Pororo park tickets, the Hinoki Pit is the first of its kind in Singapore. A Hinoki Pit is essentially a sandpit, but with organic ‘balls’ made of Hinoki wood. The Pit serves as a safe and healthy playground for children, who can engage with a number of toys here.

Age: Twelve months and above; children below the age of 3 should be accompanied by adults. Capacity: Maximum of 10 pax at a time

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Petty Supermarket Pororo Park
Petty Supermarket

It’s time to go shopping! A miniature recreation of a traditional supermarket, the Petty Supermarket allows children to carry trolleys through aisles as they sift through their choice of plastic fruits and vegetables. The Supermarket also features a little kitchen area, where the little cooks can dish up a fresh meal for the parents!

**Age: **18 months and above; children below the age of 3 should be accompanied by adults. Capacity: Maximum of 6 pax at a time

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Shark Ball Pool Pororo Park
Shark Ball Pool

Everybody loves a good ball pool, and the folks at Pororo Park are no exception. The Shark Ball Pool offers a fun respite from the more engaging activities at the Park, allowing children to simply frolic in a sea of blue and white balls.

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Express Train Pororo Park Singapore
Pororo Express Train

The Pororo Express is the Park’s very own train ride! The express train travels around the Park in sessions lasting 15 minutes. The train ride takes place twice a day at fixed timings only, and no extra tickets are required. This is a children’s only ride.

Age: 18 months and above; children who can ride independently only. Capacity: Maximum of 6 pax at a time

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Pororo House Singapore
Pororo’s House

Watch Pororo’s House step out of the screen and come to life at Pororo Park! The Park offers a life sized replica of the penguin’s crib, full with furnished rooms to explore. The house also features a music wall for the young ones to try out their skills at.

Age: 18 months and above; children below 3 should be accompanied by adults. Capacity: Maximum of 6 pax at a time

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Poby Jungle Gym Pororo Park Singapore
Poby’s Jungle Gym

Poby’s Jungle Gym is more than just your basic jungle gym; this adventure ride is a fun way to test your maze skills with a bunch of friends. The Jungle Gym features net walls, crawl spaces and slides leading from one box to the other, making it a proper adventure.

Age: 18 months and above; children below 3 should be accompanied by adults. Capacity: Maximum of 18 pax at a time

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Tong Tong Little Theatre Pororo Park
Tong Tong’s Little Theater

One of the most popular parts of the Pororo Park tickets, Tong Tong’s theater is where the real magic happens: the characters of Pororo come to life here, urging the audience to sing and dance along!

Capacity: Maximum of 16 pax at a time

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Toddler Area Pororo Park
Toddler Area

The Toddler Area is designed for Pororo Park’s youngest guests. A fully padded playground, the area allows toddlers to explore a range of toys and mini slides without the fear of hurting themselves. The Toddler’s Area is conveniently located by the Park cafe, allowing parents to just sit back and keep an eye out for their wards.

Age: 0 to 36 months Capacity: Maximum of 6 pax at a time

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Know Before You Book Pororo Park Tickets

How to Reach
Essential Information

By Bus: Pororo Park is well connected to the rest of the city by bus routes. Some of the buses that travel along Raffles Boulevard are 75, 97, 97E, 36A and 36B. The closest bus stations to the Park are the Temasek Boulevard Stations (5 minutes), Raffles Avenue Station (6 minutes) and Nicoll Highway (6 minutes).

By MRT: Raffles Boulevard can be accessed both by the Downtown Line and the East West Line metro. The closest MRT stations are the Esplanade station (9 minutes) and the Promenade Station (23 minutes).

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Other Things to Do Near Pororo Park Singapore

Gardens By the Bay
Explore Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is Singapore’s singular most stunning attraction, replete in technological wonders and natural beauty alike. The Gardens are a collection of three waterfront gardens, each one housing a set of exquisite attractions of its own. The Flower Dome, housing flowers from around the world, is the largest greenhouse in the world, and the Cloud Forest is an elaborate display of a tropical rainforest. The most visually striking attraction here, however, is the Supertree Grove, which are vertical gardens quite literally shaped like trees.

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Singapore Flyer
Take a Ride in Singapore Flyer

Priding itself as Asia’s largest observation wheel, a ride on the Singapore Flyer is an absolute must try for all. The 165 meter tall Ferris Wheel is commended for its panoramic views of the city, which can be enjoyed from its spacious and well furnished capsules. Although a traditional spin on the wheel can never be a bad idea, the Singapore Flyer offers a number of other exciting experiences as well, including Champagne tours, and private rides on the capsule. The Singapore Flyer Sky Dining experience arranges a private dinner for its guests, while the Wellness in the Sky ride promises an exclusive yoga class in air.

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Art Science Museum Singapore
Enjoy the blend of Science with Art at Art Science Museum

The world’s first ArtScience Museum strikes a unique balance between the world’s artistic wealth and technological progress. Resembling a lotus flower, the architecture of the Museum itself is truly astonishing. Permanent exhibits at the Museum include distinctive scientific and artistic accomplishments, including works by Leonardo DaVinci, shipwreck cargo, and treasures from the Tang dynasty. The Museum also features a rotating series of touring exhibits which do not restrict themselves in their theme.

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The Merlion Singapore
Visit The Merlion

Half a lion, and half a fish, the Merlion statue is now synonymous with the city of Singapore itself. Spouting water from its mouth, the architecture of the mascot figure is one to watch out for. The statue sits in the Merlion Park waterfront, and is one of the city’s most iconic and popular photo landmarks. The origins of the Merlion figure stands as a symbol for Singapore’s history: while the tail of the fish is a direct nod towards the city’s origin as a fishing village, the lion’s head is indicative of its old name ‘Singapura’, which quite literally translates to ‘the lion city’.

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Fort Caning Park
Stroll at Fort Canning Park

The Fort Canning Hill is a small hill in one corner of the city. Despite its small size, the hill- and now park- is closely connected to the city’s history. The hill was initially used as a military base, and visitors get to both see and explore a number of these war remnants which include hidden staircases, cannons, and more. Today, Fort Canning Park offers an enchanting venue for a stroll or a picnic, with several excavation sites, elaborate gardens and stunning gates lining the place. A number of carnivals and festivals take place at the Park from time to time as well.

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FAQs of Pororo Park Singapore

What is the best cafe at Pororo Park Singapore?

A day of adventure can leave one thirsty and famished. Luckily, Loopy’s Cafe at Pororo Park offers a range of delights for visitors across all ages. The cafe prepares the freshest of meals and drinks from halal-certified ingredients, catering to all its diners.

Should I book Pororo Park Singapore Tickets Online?

Purchasing one’s Pororo Park Singapore tickets online is highly recommended. Online booking comes with a set of undeniable advantages. For starters, online tickets allow one direct entry into the attraction by skipping the queue. It also gets one a good discount on their Pororo Park ticket price, and allows travelers to complement their visit to the Park with entry into other attractions.

Is Re-Entry allowed during the play session?

Children are only permitted single entry on one Pororo Park ticket. However, adults may re-enter, if there’s an accompanying adult looking after the child.

Will there be any shows at Pororo Park Singapore?

Pororo Park does offer a number of fun interactive shows for children, where the young ones can meet and interact with their favorite Pororo characters. Shows include the Meet and Greet sessions held on weekdays, which are held twice per play session. The Sing Alongs are another set of shows held exclusively on weekends and public holidays, and these are also conducted twice per play session.

Can I bring in outside food and drinks into Pororo Park Singapore?

Outside food and beverages are strictly prohibited on the Pororo Park premises. However, the Park features a cafe of its own with an accommodating menu.

Can Pororo Park Tickets be booked in Advance?

Booking one’s Pororo Park tickets online is not only possible, but also highly recommended. For starters, advance booking allows one to book one’s play slot well before time, making sure that the desired spot is not lost. Booking online and in advance also saves one the hassle of having to wait in long queues to secure entry.

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