Things to Do in Singapore With Kids

There are tons of kids activities in Singapore that are amusing and fun-filled, keeping the children engaged throughout their Singapore trip. Theme parks like the Universal Studios Singapore are a pure delight where kids can enjoy multiple theme-based rides, slides, and various entertainment zones. The athleticism and restlessness of kids come out at places like Garden By The Bay, where they can run around and play across the enormous lush green landscape of the park & later enjoy the famous light and sound show held in the evening.

Kids like to visit zoos and aquariums, where they see a wide variety of wildlife whose different traits and actions are pretty luring. A visit to the S.E.A aquarium is a must for the younger ones to catch a glimpse of marine life and participate in feeding & learning sessions. For a more thrilling and fun-filled experience, a trip to Adventure Cove Waterpark isn’t bad as it’s the perfect place for water sports, excellent slides and rides, and much more. Singapore is sprawling with attractions like Skyline Luge Sentosa, Singapore Flyer, Singapore Cable Car Ride, and Singapore Zoo, which are kid-friendly places to enjoy.

Universal Studios Singapore Entrance
Have Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Amongst the top things to do in Singapore with kids, a visit to Universal Studios Singapore, an amusement theme park located in Resorts World Sentosa, is always on the top as its various theme-based entertainment promises a fun experience for the children. In addition, the theme park is set up by Hollywood's largest producer, “Universal Studios.”

The theme park has seven different zones based on different themes, specifically related to the various cinematic worlds of Universal Studios. The theme park has 28 shows, rides, and attractions filled with amusement and thrill. In addition, the premises of Universal Studios has exclusive dining options, along with some souvenir shops where kids can buy goodies from their favourite movie characters.

Explore the Gardens by the Bay

Garden By The Bay by the shore of Marina Bay is a collection of three gardens - central, south, and east- spread over 101 hectares and sprawling with many exotic species of mesmerising flora. Families and their little ones can visit it and appreciate the overall design and architecture of the garden. Taking a stroll around the park and soaking up the beauty of nature is a soothing kids activity in Singapore that every young one can engage themselves in.

Sea aquarium singapore
Explore the Underwater World at S.E.A. Aquarium

S.E.A aquarium is another marvel in Singapore that attracts a monumental amount of tourists every year. S.E.A is one of the world’s largest underwater aquariums that is a unique and fun-filled attraction in Singapore for kids and attracts a tremendous amount of tourists every year. It differs from regular aquariums because visitors can catch a glimpse of the aquatic wildlife from quite a distance.

The aquarium currently has almost 1,00,000 aquatic animals belonging to 1,000 different species worldwide. In addition, the S.E.A. Aquarium organises many feeding and learning sessions, and kids and their families can participate.

Cable car.jpg
Ride the Singapore Cable Car

Taking a Singapore Cable Car ride is considered one of the best kids activities in Singapore. It never fails to leave everyone in awe with the surreal and panoramic it has to offer from a point several feet above the ground. Cable Car rides connect the Sentosa Harbourfront to the top of Mount Faber, yet another destination famous for luxurious bars and restaurants. Tourists can also enjoy a delicious dinner with their family and kids while witnessing the amazing view of the Sentosa Islands, Singapore River, and the city's harbour front and coastline.

Skyline luge sentosa
Have Fun at Skyline Luge Sentosa

Skyline Luge Sentosa is an exciting and thrilling destination at the Resorts Sentosa Islands which has different trails for trekking. Kids can grab a luge and go on to explore various trails around the area. There are four paths or tracks: the Jungle Trail, the Dragon Trail, The Kupu Trail, and the Expedition Trail. The skyline Luge at Sentosa is a thrilling experience for everyone where they can go on an adventurous exploration of various trails. Also get a chance to immerse themselves in the nature surrounding them, which is a joyful and a perfect dose for every age group.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore
Cool off at Adventure Cove Water Park

Water Parks have always been a place that children adore and are ever ready to visit during peak summers. Visiting the Adventure Cove Water Park always tops the list of things to do in Singapore with kids and an experience to cherish with your little one. Adventure Cove Water Park has rides and slides for every age group; thus, it’s one of the most preferred destinations for families.

The Adventure Cove Waterpark doesn’t limit the experiences to the regular slides and water sports, it also gives a chance to interact with marine creatures in the best way possible. They also have arrangements for snorkelling and deep diving, and visitors can opt for them to explore the depths of marine life.

world of animal
See the World of Wild Animals at Singapore Night Safari

The Night Safari, one of its kind and thrilling safari, is an integral part of the Mandai Wildlife Sanctuary, and it is considered along with other exciting things to do in Singapore with kids. People can opt for different experiences and trails such as a guided tram ride through the woods, fishing cat trail, east lodge trail, and many more.

During the safari, kids will get acquainted with various dimensions and wildlife species that have made the Mandai Sanctuary their home. Currently, the park has 2500 animals belonging to 120 nocturnal species that can easily spot at night, and it’ll be a great challenge and fun activity to spot them around the woods at night.

Jurong Bird Park
Birdwatching at Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is located in one of the highest landscapes of Singapore, a lush green landscape surrounds Jurong Hills, and in the midst of it, Jurong Bird Park is set up. Birdwatching at Jurong Bird Park is one of the kids activities in Singapore that the little ones will enjoy.

Jurong Bird Park is home to 4,000 birds of 350 different species worldwide. The colourful varieties of parrots constitute a significant highlight of the bird park. Overall, the park is a beautiful place for people to go out with families in the lap of nature.

River Wonders
Watch Pandas Having Fun at River Safari

River Safari is Asia’s first “river-themed” safari and is also part of Mandai Wildlife Reserve and is one of the most fun-filled & memorable experiences in Singapore for the family and kids.

The river safari currently flaunts a massive variety of 300 animal species across the wild. There is a mix of land and aquatic animals, and people can spot animals like pandas, piranha, and jaguars during the safari.

Trick Eye Museum Singapore
Get Clicked at Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum is a unique 4D museum with many interactive art and sculptures in every nook and corner of the place & the optical illusions associated with all the artwork make it a lively and fantastic place for kids activities in Singapore.

Optical illusions, the museum's highlight, is developed using Augmented Reality (AR) Technology. People like to pose with all their fantasies and get fun shots to create memories forever.

Singapore Zoo Tips
Meet Animals at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is home to many wildlife and plant species & also it’s an integral part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. Many activities are organised by the Zoo authorities, including feeding and interactive learning sessions to understand better the wildlife that piques the visitor’s interest.

Currently, the zoo has over 3000 birds, mammals, and reptile species. There are also animals like elephants and pandas, which are quite friendly by nature, and kids would love to play alongside them. Also, they will get a chance to glimpse some never seen exotic species.

wings of time singapore2.jpg
Watch Wings of Time

Gardens by the Bay is well known for its sound and light show and is quite famous amongst tourists. Another visual spectacle by the Marina Bay is “Wings Of Time,” whose synchronised light and sound show along with the dancing fountains, which is based on a historical or fictional tale, is worth witnessing.

Fountains dancing along the skyline with static sounds in the background are good enough to provide a mesmerising sight to the kids. Kids adore sound and light shows because of their vibrant and stunning nature. The storytelling is strong with well-coordinated lights, sounds, and fountains that kids are quickly drawn towards.

Singapore Flyer
Watch the Skyline from Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is an architectural marvel standing tall by Marina Bay, and riding on one of its capsules is a treat for all visitors. Sitting inside a glassed cabin 100 feet from the ground sounds thrilling, and gazing at the city's skyline is mesmerising.

Riding on the Singapore flyer is a must thing to do with kids in Singapore. From the flyer's cabin, one can look at the Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay, Wings of Time, and many more famous city attractions.

AJ Bungy + 4D Adventureland + Trick Eye Museum
Enjoy VR Gaming at Sentosa 4D Adventureland

VR gaming experience at Sentosa 4D Adventureland that everyone can try to experience something new. If you kids like gaming then VR gaming is a new buzz in the gaming world, and everyone wants to try it. VR gaming accompanied by a 4D experience makes the user feel like a part of the simulation.

At Sentosa 4D Adventureland, several simulations are available, and kids can choose any simulation to experience. A coordinated effort of the 4D effects and the VR will keep them at the edge of their seats, and certain moments will surely give them goosebumps.

madame tussauds Singapore deals
Visit the Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds wax is famous worldwide for its real-life wax figurines of leaders, personalities, and celebrities. Visiting the museum is one of the most amazing kids activities in Singapore. Kids get a chance to click pictures with some of their favourite celebrities and athletes.

Madame Tussauds Singapore has wax figures of political leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Hollywood celebrities Robert Downey Jr., football legends like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and many more. In addition, the museum is open seven days a week for better crowd management, and tourists can plan their visits accordingly.

HydroDash Singapore
HydroDash Singapore

Located at the heart of Sentosa Islands, the HydroDash WaterPark is Singapore’s first floating aquatic waterpark. Visitors will have to go through a floating obstacle course and try to keep themselves dry. Completing the slippery and bouncy route with water all around without getting wet is a bit tough but equally exciting and fun.

Among other things to do in Singapore with kids the fun and challenging activities at this amusement park caters to their athleticism with attractions such as a 3-metre high springboard, jumping from which is an enthralling experience. The “Action Water” slide is amongst the most adventurous water slides which can be found at the Hydro Dash water park which also provides an adrenaline rush to every visitor.

Sentosa Merlion
Watch Light Show at Sentosa Merlion Tower

Sentosa Merlion Tower is one of the symbols of Singapore’s identity. The Merlion, a half lion and half fish figurine, is a symbol of the guardian of the prosperity of the city. The tourists gather in large numbers to witness the panoramic view of the whole city in the backdrop of the tower with all the shimmering lights spreading their magic.

The laser show with colourful light and beautiful music with white background looks ecstatic and beautiful at the same time, enjoy your evening while watching the Light Show at Sentosa Merlion Tower.

London Theatre, Plays n Drama
Play Games at Singapore Airzone

All the activities of Singapore Airzone are fun and a must-try thing to do in Singapore with kids as they have complete liberty to play around. They can bounce on the nets, and display anti-gravity feats, spreading smiles across their faces and filling them with joy and happiness.

The place is a paradise for kids as it has everything, from super comfortable mats to floating ball pits where they can play, jump from one net to another without restrictions. In addition, Singapore Airzone has everything from a great play area to a fantastic cafe, making it an excellent place for families to visit.

Dolphin Island Dolphin Trek.jpg
Play with Dolphins at the Dolphin Island

People can visit the Dolphin Islands upon reaching the Sentosa Islands and play along with friendly Dolphins while they showcase a bunch of tricks for all the spectators. However, visitors spend most of their time looking at whales in awe.

Tourists can dive inside and play along with the dolphins but are allowed to do so only with protective equipment. Kids can easily spot the dolphins playing in the lake at the Dolphin Islands. Parents can take the little ones to the fun-filled Dolphin Islands as it is open seven days a week.

singapore duck tour
Ride the Original Duck Tours Sentosa

The Original duck tours take the tourists on one of the most fun-filled rides and is among the favourite kids activities in Singapore and start from the historical district to Singapore's duck. The hippo hub and finally enter the water at the point of convergence of Singapore River and Marina Bay. The duck tours take the tourists on one of the most fun-filled rides starting from the historical district to Singapore's duck and hippo hub.

Upon reaching the hub, people can swim along with ducks, and meanwhile, they can also spot hippos taking a bath in the lake. The tour is not only limited to duck and hippo hubs, but people can also tour Suntec City Fountain of Wealth, City Hall, Singapore Flyer, Merlion Park, and many more famous attractions of Singapore.

Kiztopia Tickets
Kiztopia Tickets, Singapore

Kiztopia is one of those places designed especially for children, so they can have fun and playful sessions along with some learning. Kiztopia has 18 different playing areas for kids and has multiple fun-filled activities like obstacle courses, giant slides, cosmic space, and many more.

This is one of the best things to do in Singapore with kids because here they will get involved in learning while enjoying their time with slides and obstacle courses. Parents will also get an opportunity to spend some undivided time with their young ones while playing alongside them and creating some unforgettable memories.

lunch with parrot
Have Lunch with Parrots

A visit to Singapore Zoo is not only about spotting creatures in the wild but also has multiple and unexplored dimensions. In addition, it is home to some of the most friendly species of parrots, and families visiting the zoo can have lunch in the company of colourful and quirky living beings.

Enjoying a great seafood meal as a lunch that includes some of the finest delicacies such as prawns and fish with parrots is one of the unique things to do in Singapore with Kids The overall experience of having lunch alongside a parrot is a memory that will be etched in everyone’s mind forever.

Headrock VR Sentosa
Headrock VR in Sentosa

The HeadRock VR promises to be one of Sentosa Islands' most technologically advanced experiences. People get a chance to opt from a wide array of adventurous worlds where one might have to brave the chilly blizzards, chart the length of a skyscraper, or complete an intense jungle rafting.

Headrick VR offers a wide range of games and experiences and an interactive media zone, “Hello My Dino!” It is a great fun-filled learning experience for them.

Breakfast with Orangutans at Singapore Zoo
Have Breakfast with Orangutans at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo, spread over 68 acres, has a lot to explore. In one corner, you can spot tigers and leopards; then, in another, they’ll find pandas and orangutans jumping and hanging around the trees in the zoo.

Singapore Zoo also organises feeding sessions in which tourists can feed the animals. Apart from the feeding sessions, people also get an opportunity to have breakfast with Orangutans. These breakfast and lunch sessions make Singapore Zoo a highly preferred tourist destination.

Book Kiztopia Tickets

Single Admission (1 Adult + 1 Child) - 2 Hours Ticket
Single Admission (1 Adult + 1 Child) - 2 Hours Ticket

Book Kiztopia Tickets and bring your children for a fun-filled day at Kiztopia, it is the perfect place to learn and gain knowledge while playing.


  • This ticket is only applicable for 1 adult and 1 child (below the age of 12 years).
  • Children under the age of 12 months old at the time of admission, can enter for free when accompanied by a paying adult. A birth certificate for verification is required.
  • A Participant (aged 18 and above) must be present for the admission of any Participant below the age of 12 years old.
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XTRA - Single Admission (1 Adult + 1 Child) - 3 Hours Ticket
XTRA - Single Admission (1 Adult + 1 Child) - 3 Hours Ticket

Book Kiztopia Tickets and bring your children for a fun-filled day at Kiztopia, it is the perfect place to learn and gain knowledge while playing.


  • This ticket is only applicable for 1 adult and 1 child (below the age of 12 years).
  • Children under the age of 12 months old at the time of admission, can enter for free when accompanied by a paying adult. A birth certificate for verification is required.
  • A Participant (aged 18 and above) must be present for the admission of any Participant below the age of 12 years old.
Starting from
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Kiztopia - Admission Ticket for Adult
Kiztopia - Admission Ticket for Adult

Get a one-time entry for every additional Adult to accompany a child during their three hours of playtime at Kiztopia. No exchanging of Adult is allowed. Pre-registration is required.

Note: A child Admission Ticket is mandatory to enter the Premises.

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