About Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird park in Asia, which is situated on Jurong Hill in Singapore, and is home to more than 5000 birds from over 400 different species. Sprawling across an area of 20.2 hectares, the fundamental highlight of Jurong Bird Park is the Waterfall Aviary, which is the largest walk-in aviary in the world. The other attractions of the park include Pelican Cove, Lory Loft Forest Enclosure, Flamingo Lake, and Penguin Coast.

By purchasing the Jurong Bird Park ticket, you can relish the bird-watching experience like never before. You can watch the different species of birds in their natural habitat and watch their living habits closely. The park also hosts several bird shows for tourists that showcase the inborn talent of these birds. TheHigh Flyers Show and the Kings of the Skies Show are two of the most favorite shows among kids.

The Jurong Bird Park also houses a bird-themed waterpark named Birdz of Play, where children can have the best of their time with their families. Apart from these, you can pet the birds, hand feed them, and learn about their behavior in Jurong Bird Park.

Book Jurong Bird Park Singapore Ticket Online

The Jurong Bird Park ticket offers different variants to enjoy the wilderness of the park with 400 different species of birds. With the super combo ticket options, you get the flexibility to explore the different parks of Singapore at a discounted rate. The other places included in the Jurong Bird Park ticket are Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and/or River Wonders.

With this ticket, visitors can discover different bird species on a Hop On Hop Off tram ride in 10 different zones of the aviary. These zones give you a chance to hand-feed the birds, like Superb Starling, Bali Myna, Australian Pelican, Lory Loft, and a lot more.

Booking your Jurong Bird Park ticket online is one of the convenient ways to book tickets without worrying about standing in long queues. Online ticket booking also comes with great deals and discounts on the actual price, and you can enjoy the hassle-free way of ticket booking from the comfort of your own home. With advance booking you can plan your trip according to your schedule that offers a smooth and hassle free journey.

Stroll through the lovely Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park Admission Ticket with Tram Ride

Get a ticket to Jurong Bird Park and ride aboard a tram to see the gorgeous and diverse varieties of birds.


  • Children aged 0-2 can enter free of charge while children aged 3-12 will be charged at a child price.
  • Individuals aged 13 and above will be charged at an adult price.
  • Park will operate on selected Mondays to Wednesdays. Refer to the below-extended dates open on Mondays to Wednesdays during public holidays and school holiday periods:
  • Dec: 5-7, 12-14, 19-21, 26-28
Starting from
23% OFF

Jurong Bird Park Ticket Variants

Singapore Night Safari
Jurong Bird Park Tickets with Night Safari

Jurong Bird Park ticket Singapore includes a super saver combo of Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari Package. This package allows visitors to explore the gorgeous aviary of Jurong Bird Park, which is home to around 5000 birds, along with a trip to Night Safari. The Jurong Bird Park Zoo Night Safari ticket is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase so you can enjoy complete flexibility. As you start the Night Safari exhibits, you will observe 2500 fascinating nocturnal creatures coming alive at night. With the Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari Package, visitors can also discover around 400 species of birds, including parrots, Emus, pelicans, and much more.

Jurong Bird Park Tickets with River Wonders

Another variant of the super saver combo included in the Jurong Bird Park online ticket is the Jurong Bird Park and River Safari. In this combo package, you will get a chance to spend your morning in the biggest aviary in Asia and home to 5000 birds, Jurong Bird Park. Moving further, you can continue your adventure with the River Safari, the first and the only river-themed wildlife park in Asia. Not only does this ticket offer discounted rates but also gives you the flexibility to visit the two parks on two different days. Moreover, the Jurong Bird Park and River Safari ticket allow you to relish the amazing boat ride experiences while exploring the majestic secrets of the Amazon River Quest and Amazon: River Safari.

Singapore zoo
Jurong Bird Park Tickets with Singapore Zoo

The Jurong Bird Park admission fee offers another variant of the Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo package that saves much of your time and money on the two popular attractions that celebrate wildlife. The package comes with discounted prices which you would not have otherwise got individually. You also have the flexibility to visit the park anytime within 30 days from the date of purchase. The admission voucher to the Singapore Zoo offers a guided tram ride with audio navigating you through the park and discovering more than 300 animals in the open zoo enclosure. On the contrary, the Jurong Bird Park voucher offers unlimited access to the Hop On Hop Off tram ride with a chance to feed the Lory Loft bird and learn about them.

Singapore zoo
Jurong Bird park Tickets + Singapore Zoo + Night Safari + River Wonders

Another variant to the Jurong Bird Park ticket includes Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo package and Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari package. Through this Park Hopper Pass, visitors can dive deeper into the wonders of nature and wildlife with the flexibility to visit different parks on different days as the pass is valid for the entire week. The Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo package provide all-day access to the zoo across 10 different zones, along with unlimited access to Hop On Hop Off tram ride at the Jurong Bird Park. The Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari package offer you to watch 2500 beautiful nocturnal creatures in their natural habitats at Night Safari while interacting with 400 bird species in the Jurong Bird Park. Indeed, the Jurong Bird Park Zoo Night Safari is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

Experiences Included in Jurong Bird Park Ticket

Enjoy Wildlife Touring

With a Jurong Bird Park ticket, you can go behind the scenes and get closer to the wildlife in River Discovery Tour and Manatee Mania. You can explore how animals are taken care of, their unique traits, and even get the opportunity to feed some of them with your own hands. The River Discovery Tour walks you through the giants of the watery world at the River-themed wildlife park.

Jurong Bird Park
Experience Feeding the Animals

The Jurong Bird Park lets you explore Manatee Mania and River-Discovery Tour, where you can meet their star animals, the Manatee family, the Panda family, and the dolphins. It allows you to learn a lot more about their quirks, participate in their daily training sessions, and even hand-feed them during mealtime. You can also learn how they are cared for and interact with them in the exclusive seasonal tour program.

Enjoy entertaining sessions at Keeper’s Talk

The Jurong Bird Park online ticket lets you have an interactive feeding session, where you can enjoy informative and entertaining live commentary from the keepers in Waterfall Keepers Talk. You will also encounter Pelicans closely while feeding them. Watching them and learning informative things about them makes your trip more fun and entertaining.

Ace out your Team-Bonding skills at Camps

Jurong Bird Park offers the perfect opportunity for you and your kids to experience camping. From half-day camps to overnight stays, you can outshine your camping skills at Jurong National Park. So, be ready with your sleeping bags for a cozy family sleepover with our dazzling birds. It is going to be an entertaining experience with serious mind-stimulating activities.

Why Jurong Bird Park Tickets to Choose Online?

Singapore Night Safari

Online Jurong Bird Park ticket booking and in advance ensures that you get the booking dates of your choice. You do not have to worry about standing in long queues and waiting for your turn to purchase the tickets. The online booking facility saves much of your time, thereby giving you more options to explore the attraction even further. You can also choose the combo tickets to explore the city in complete capacity.

1. To Save Time- Book your Jurong Bird Park ticket online and save much of your time. The online ticket booking will give you access to the attraction without spending too much time in the long queues in front of the ticket counter.

2. To Explore Further- If you wish to explore Jurong Bird Park further, you can select any of the combo tickets from the Jurong Bird Park ticket variants. These tickets will not only give you access to the Jurong Bird Park but also admission to either Night Safari, River Wonders, Singapore Zoo, or all together.

3. Experience more through Combo Tickets- If you are new to Singapore and want to learn more about Jurong Bird Park, this experience is curated specifically for you. The adventurous journey to the park will commence by picking you up from the designated pick-up point and covers some of the beautiful zones of the attraction. The combo tickets also include access to the River Wonders, Night Safari, or Singapore Zoo.

Zones in Jurong Bird Park Ticket

African Treetops

Inclusion in the Jurong Bird Park ticket, African Treetops is a stimulating panoramic walk through a rainforest canopy. From treetops to the forest floor, you will find anything and everything in this zone. The African Treetop zone features animals, like Great Blue Turaco and Superb Starling. The Great Blue Turaco is a canopy-feeder that flies with speed and leaps nimbly about the canopy. The Superb Starling features a dark head, pale eyes, and metallic blue-green upper parts that make a whistling sound.

Wings of Asia

Wings of Asia is another zone in the Jurong Bird Park ticket Singapore that consists of more than 500 birds from 135 species. In this zone, you will find the largest diversity of birds, including endangered ones. Some of the featured animals in this zone are Bali Myna and Santa Cruz Ground Dove. Bali Myna is a white bird with long head plumes and black wing-tips, while the Santa Cruz Ground Dove is a vulnerable ground-dwelling bird that perches on low branches and roosts in trees.

Penguin Coast

Penguin Coast included in the Jurong Bird Park ticket booking is home to the king penguins that resides at a temperature of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. It is a special zone made specifically for animals that live in cooler regions. African Penguins and King Penguins are the featured animals of this zone. African penguins are generally found off the western coast of Africa, while King penguins are known for good underwater vision and feed on capelin and herring.

Flamingo Lake

Flamingo Lake is a zone in Jurong Bird Park that has bred flamingoes successfully since 1972. You will find a few hundreds of pink-hued greater flamingoes featuring their gorgeous plumage and leggy beauty. Guests would love to catch a glimpse of the mud nest mounds that are used for the incubation of eggs. The red color in their feathers is only due to the red crop milk that is fed to the babies by their parents.

Lory Loft

Lory Loft is one of the four walk-in flight aviaries included in the Jurong Bird Park online ticket. It is a breeding ground for more than 10 species of brightly colored lorikeets and lories. The top-shelf animals to watch in this zone are Black Hornbill and Red Billed Hornbill. Red billed hornbill is a beautiful bird with a red-colored beak or bill, while the Black Hornbill is a large and heavy bill bird that is bone white in males and dark in females.

Pelican Cove

Another inclusion in the Jurong Bird Park ticket is the Pelican Cove. This zone is the first underwater pelican viewing gallery in the world consisting of several cosmopolitan collections of huge beaks. The featured animal of the Pelican Cove zone is the Australian Pelican. It is one of the two species of pelicans that uses its throat pouch to catch fish in shallow water. The air sacs under the skin of these pelicans make them lightweight under water so they can catch their food with ease.

Waterfall Aviary

Standing at a height of 35 meters, the Waterfall Aviary is a collection of one of the tallest human-made indoor waterfalls in the world. When you cross the bridge, you will get 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. The top featuring animals of the Waterfall Aviary is Crowned Pigeon and Superb Starling. Crowned Pigeon is a big, bluish-grey pigeon with elegant red iris, blue lace-like crests, and maroon breast. These pigeons have a crown-like structure on their head that looks gorgeous in the eyes of visitors.

Know Before You Book Jurong Bird Park Ticket

Park Rules
Services Offered
Essential Information
  • Do not venture into the prohibited areas of the park as it can be highly dangerous.
  • You are not allowed to feed, tease, or pluck the feathers of the birds and treat all animals with respect.
  • Visitors are not permitted to use the videotaped or filmed footage and photos for commercial purposes.
  • Flash photography is strictly forbidden inside the park as it may disturb, startle, or make the animals blind.
  • You are allowed to smoke only in the designated smoking area.
  • Your videos and images are subject to the use by the park as you take admission into the park.
  • In case of accidents or encounters with animals, connect with the emergency hotline number.
  • No pets or other animals are allowed to enter the premises of the park.
  • To ensure the proper safety of the guests, inline skates, tricycles, skate scooters, pull trolleys, and rollerblades are prohibited in Jurong Bird Park.

Essentials Information about Jurong Bird Park Ticket

Jurong Bird Park

1. Stay Safe from Sun- Jurong Bird Park is one of the best places to visit on a sunny day. However, it is essential to keep yourself safe from the sun. It is, therefore, advisable to carry a pair of sunglasses or visors on your every visit. For people who are prone to getting sunburns, you should cover your entire skin with sunscreen or sunblock.

2. Stay Hydrated- Since it will be sunny all day long in Jurong National Park, you should carry adequate drinking water with you at all times. If you forget to carry it, water dispensers are available at the park. The only thing you need to have is a water bottle.

3. Wear Insect Repellent- Although Jurong Bird Park takes preventive measures for all its guests, you should be careful about any unexpected insect bites. Hence, you should wear insect repellent creams at all times to prevent yourself from insect biting.

Things to Do in Mandai Wildlife Reserve

River Wonders
Enjoy a River Safari Experience like Never before

The river safari experience at Mandai Wildlife Reserve allows you to discover more than 7500 land and aquatic animals of 240 different species. Amazon River Quest is one of the best activities that embarks you on a boat adventure into the wilderness of the mysterious river. In this river quest, you can spot animals, like a jaguar, giant anteater, and Brazilian tapir. You can also discover a variety of fascinating creatures that narrates many stories in the show, Once Upon A River. Furthermore, the Signature Tours of the river safari lets visitors go behind the scenes and experience the wildlife closely.

Singapore Night Safari
Live the Unforgettable Night after Night Safari

Night Safari at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, which is the first nocturnal wildlife park in the world is an amazing expereince. The park offers a plethora of activities that make your night even more memorable. Wildlife Tours, Creatures of the Night Show, Keeper’s Talk, Night Photography E-Guide, Indian Rhino Feeding at East Lodge Trail, and Unique Dining Experiences are some of the renowned activities at the Night Safari. You can go on a buggy and walking adventure to learn about the inside stories of the animals in Wildlife Tours or witness the remarkable talents of animals at the Creatures of the Night Show. Feeding an Indian Rhino with your hand under the moonlit sky is another breathtaking experience.

Singapore zoo
Witness Lovely Animals at Singapore Zoo

The Jurong Bird Park ticket Singapore also gives you access to the Singapore Zoo. Here, you can enjoy a fun day with your family and explore the unique and wide-ranging experiences that are sure to leave you thrilled. You can witness the animals playing at their most active times and hand-feed them at the Singapore Zoo. If you want to make your adventure wilder, you can indulge in Wildlife Tours and learn more about their traits and how they are taken care of. Kids can also take part in a multitude of fun activities, like splashing in the water playground, going on a wild carousel ride, and encountering farmyard animals closely.

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