About Giant Swing Sentosa

Singapore turned our favouite childhood activity into a heart-racing thrilling ride. The Giant Swings at AJ Hackett Skypark, Sentosa islands is the first and the only one of its kind in Singapore that is experienced as a thrilling activity. This ride gives you a boost of adrenaline, swinging high through the great heights of the sky at the whopping speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The swingers of the Giant Swing Sentosa are generally tied together in a group of 3 or the brave-hearted adventure seekers could even try this ride alone. The safest strong cables tie the swingers together with guaranteed safety by the operators. The swingers are tied at about 40 meters above the ground level only to rise up at unimaginable rides. On reaching high up in the sky, swingers are given a green signal by the staff. At this point, Sentosa Giant Swing drops to start a phase of thrill and beauty. The swing presents you with the island’s most stunning views of the emerald waters of Siloso beach, dense rainforests, beautiful green tree-tops, brown wet sands, and old rock formations.

Book Giant Swing Sentosa Tickets Online

One of the best decisions you will ever make is to book Giant Swing Sentosa tickets online in advance. Owing to the immense popularity of this exclusive place, the Giant Swing is almost always overcrowded. Travelers come from abroad just to experience the thrills of the long-lost childhood swings in its adrenaline-rushing version with dual swings for 3 people. This makes the tickets constantly sold out and remain subject to availability. Even if the tickets are available, long queues are frequently witnessed leading to longer waiting times with almost no surety of tickets. These kinds of situations should be avoided as the advanced online booking system will get you Sentosa giant swing tickets with a single click. You will be able to fix all your traveling plans with a confirmed date and time of your international travel. Besides, you will be offered a variety of deals and discounts reducing your giant swing Sentosa price of the ticket.

Enjoy thrilling activity of Giant Swing with your family
Giant Swing Ticket- Open Dated

Experience thrill during the giant swing activity at the height of 40 meters. Enjoy with your peers and challenge them while riding the swing at the speed of 120 km/hour.


  • Minimum weight for Swing (Child): 30kg
  • Minimum weight for Solo Swing (Adult): 60kg
  • Maximum per person weight: 150kg
  • Maximum combined weight: 300kg (for 2 or 3 persons)

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31% OFF
Make your family outing memorable with this amazing activity
COMBO Giant Swing + Bungy Jump (Open-dated)

Reach at the 40 meters height and get the thrilling experience of a giant swing at Sentosa island. Enjoy the stunning views of the beach from the highest point during the session.


  • Minimum weight for Swing (Child): 30kg
  • Minimum weight for Solo Swing (Adult): 60kg
  • Maximum per person weight: 150kg
  • Maximum combined weight: 300kg (for 2 or 3 persons)
  • Participants must have a height of at least 120cm to join the activity
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12% OFF

Giant Swing Sentosa Ticket Variations

giant swing sentosa3.webp
AJ Hackett Giant Swing Sentosa

You will be able to get a single entry pass to AJ Hackett giant swing for experiencing the thrill of this extreme adventure. You can swing with 2 of your friends with another pair of swings through this variant. You will be provided helmets and harnesses for safety and precaution purposes. Once you are tied up with the right protocols checked by the professional staff, you will be raised 40 meters above the ground level. A green flag would be waved and you will be able to swing at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour witnessing the beauty of Sentosa Island.

Skypark Sentosa Giant Swing & Bungy Jump + S.E.A. Aquarium
Skypark Sentosa: Giant Swing & Bungy Jump + S.E.A. Aquarium

You will get access to AJ Hackett Sentosa giant swing & Bungee Jumping plus S.E.A aquarium combo ticket. With this great value package, you will be able to access both sides of the world- swinging in the air and experiencing the aquatic world. Start your day with adventurous activities and end it blissfully in the presence of aqua life. You can experience the mesmerizing views of the lush island and emerald waters from the top through bungee jumping and giant swing Sentosa. Get access to the S.E.A aquarium to walk on the transparent glass floors. Say hello to the wonders and predators from the Andaman Sea and Strait of Malacca, living their best aquatic life.

bungy jump.jpg
AJ Hackett Sentosa Bungy Jump + Giant Swing and Vertical Skywalk

Make your day adventurous by booking tickets for Aj Hackett thrills on the island of Sentosa. Get a combo ticket of Bungee Jump, Vertical Skywalk, and giant swing Singapore altogether and turn your money into happiness. You will be able to try the 47 meters bungee jump through the 50 meters long bungee tower, the first and only one of Sentosa. You can access the 47-meter long vertical skywalk with transparent floors boosting your adrenaline. You will be able to witness the island’s captivating views from the top through giant swing Sentosa.

Know Before You Book Giant Swing Sentosa

Essential Info
  • You get a Giant Swing E-Certificate for this 45m high Giant Swing activity.
  • Be safe by wearing helmets, safety harnesses,and security gear tied up by strong metal cables.
  • Start the rush of adrenaline through the Sentosa Giant Swing ride with your loved ones experiencing the thrills of swinging at 120 kilometers.
  • Witness the captivating views of the Sentosa island with turquoise waters and lush forests in the double-swinging ride of the giant swing Sentosa.

Other Things to Do in Sentosa

Bungee Jumping at AJ Hackett Singapore

With a strong harness attached to your body, you will be able to jump from a height of 47 meters in Sentosa. Bungee jumping is one of the most chosen adventurous activities besides AJ Hackett Sentosa giant swing on Siloso beach. You will jump from Sentosa’s first and the tallest 50-meter-long giant bungee tower located on Siloso beach. As you jump from the tower, you will feel the rush of adrenaline falling from the height with a strong rope holding you safely. You can feel the thrills and witness the views of beautiful Siloso beach with emerald waters through your quick jump.

Universal Singapore
Universal Studio Singapore

A wonderful movie-based theme park, the first and only Universal Theme Park in Southeast Asia, this is a studio where the characters of the blockbuster films come to life. A family-friendly place for the light-hearted, you can come and explore this place and explore the 7 attractions based on movies and shows like Giant Journey, Human vs Cyclone, Transformers, Jurassic Park, and Battlestar Galactica, etc. Suitable for children, teenagers, adults, and elders, this place makes you capture Instagram-worthy pictures and experience the 24-amazing rides.

Garden By the Bay Flower Dome
Garden By Bay Singapore

Garden by the Bay, a combination of two gardens, a seasonal flower dome, and a cloud forest, is an award-winning garden by the Bay conservatories. The Cloud Forest possesses 35 meters tall artificial mountain stands with exotic flora and fauna. This park is home to 200 beautiful sculptures depicting different parts of the world. In addition to this, this lush garden encompasses a supertree and enchanting indoor waterfall.

ifly dubai 2.webp
iFly Singapore

Singapore iFly is one of the world’s largest indoor sky diving facilities in an artificially controlled environment. Best suited for the light-hearts who cannot bear the real sky-diving experience or the ones who cannot afford it, this makes you jump off 5 story tunnel. The artificially induced winds at a speed of 180 kmph make you blow just like the original counterpart. Besides, the giant swing Sentosa, the iFly experience is one of the most thrilling things that introduce the psychological sensation of jumping through the plane. The place of the jump is designed in the theme of an airplane that has real flight noises with fake boarding passes, making the experience as surreal as possible.

SEA Aquarium in Singapore
S.E.A. Aquarium

One of the world’s largest and coolest aquariums, the SEA Aquarium is home to 100,000 marine animals belonging to 1,000 species. People usually come here to be fascinated by the aquatic life after enjoying aj Hackett Singapore giant swing. Across 49 different habitats, this aquarium possesses life from the Andaman waters, strait of malacca, Persian gulf, open sea, and Arabian Sea-all included in the 7 attractions of the aquarium. You are likely to cross paths with hammerhead sharks and the enchanting bottlenose dolphin. Other fascinating creatures to look out for are sharks, jellyfishes, and rays. You can learn about the water ecosystem and aquatic life through educational and interactive zones at the S.E.A aquarium.

Bungy + Skybridge
Skybridge at AJ Hackett Singapore

Another grilling activity besides Giant Swing Singapore, the Sky Bridge is another thrilling activity to do on Sentosa island. The Sky Bridge is an open-air connection between two skyscrapers. This walkway is transparent with the glass floor. A perfect place to test your acrophobia, the sky bridge has glass floor sections and a three-sided glass balcony, and a glass cube. You will have a nice walk across the bridge with utmost safety as this place is completely fine for such activities. In a windy walk, you will be able to see through the glass floor from heavenly heights, the beauty of Siloso beach, emerald waters, and lush forests. You will end your journey by arriving in another skyscraper.

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